About MKW Global Sourcing

Over the past seven years, MKW Global Sourcing, Inc., has offered customers a wide range of quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) after-market parts sourced and procured from diverse domestic and foreign partners. The company’s plastic and metal products are designed to meet satellite and cable TV industry requirements and encompass top covers, a variety of cable types for video and phone, plastic connectors, test equipment, batteries, two-prong and three-prong power cords, and cosmetic plastic bezels, among other items. MKW Global Sourcing also has custom-printing capacities for user guides, manuals, and other printed materials.

With manufacturing undertaken in both the United States and China, MKW Global Sourcing maintains comprehensive logistics capacities across multiple time zones that ensure timely delivery of quality and affordable parts that arrive in consistently good condition. Well established in North America, the company has been aggressively increasing its market presence in South America since 2012. Initially expanding into Venezuela, the firm established new markets in Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador in quick succession. In February of 2013, the first Caribbean location became operational in Trinidad and Tobago.


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